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Speed Dial for Android Wear

1.99 usd

Do you want to dial your recent Contacts with a single touch on your Watch? Then talk and listen use the Phone Speaker or a hands-free bluetooth headsets ? The Speed Dial for Android Wear is right for this needs, you will never need to hold the phone all the time just to find contacts to dial. This is our updated Android Wear Watch version of our popular 'Speed Dial Pro' App. It works under lock screen, make phone call even your screen is locked. It can automatically turn on speaker so you don't need to hold your phone to ear.
( You can use the phone speaker or a hands-free bluetooth headsets to talk and listen since the Watch don't have speaker, and microphone on Watch can't be used in Phone Call right now. )
How to use on the Watch?First, on the Phone setup the contacts use SmartInit (in menu), then use the feature (in menu) 'Sync to Watch' to show the Contacts on your Android Wear Watch. You can Long time Press on the icon to show config menu for each Contacts.
Watch App Features:- Recent Contacts list- Dialer pad- Recent call number list- Start and End phone call on watch
Phone App Features:- SmartInit can automatically setup shortcut for most frequent contact person- You can set each number to dial-up shortcut- You can set image as dial-up shortcut- When create shortcut for Contact, the contact image will be used if it exists.- In context menu you can send SMS to the contact- In context menu you can manual change/set name and phone number- Option to automatically turn Speak on when you make phone call.
You can find the "Android only" (not work with Watch) Free and Paid version here: